The Joys of a New DMS

Since I am part of an older generation (not that old though!), I was used to having a DMS that provided my results the next day. From an accounting point of view, the DMS had to process a days worth of postings overnight in a batch. You would enter your postings and look at your schedules tomorrow….find your mistakes/discrepancies, fix them and again wait for those results the next day. I was ok with it, because that’s just the way it worked.


I did not know the amazing benefits that a live DMS offers. You can post your entry and run your schedule. If there’s a mistake, you just fix it and run your schedule to review immediately. There’s no waiting for the next day to get an updated schedule, then waiting for another day again to look at the schedule if adjustments needed to be made. In a live DMS environment, running a schedule shows your results immediately as things are processed in real time. Wow! Look at the time savings!


Looking back, it is amazing how things used to work, but that was just it. It’s sort of like when written correspondence depended on the postal system (aka “snail mail”). It was just the way it was. Then the fax machine and email came along and have revolutionized the way we communicate. A modern DMS can now be instantaneous with live results. I can’t imagine going back. It shatters the saying “They don’t make them like they used to” and I’m glad they don’t!


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