In today’s increasingly connected world it is becoming expected that you can access important information from wherever you are. For some that involves searching through your vehicle inventory while you are on the lot with a prospect, your Service Manager being able to see active work orders while walking through the shop, or your Service Advisors being able to do a vehicle walk around directly into your DMS. These are just some of the uses for mobility within your dealership environment.

What is required to make this happen?

You will need a mobile device that is connected to either a Wi-fi or cellular connection. Tablets featuring Microsoft, Apple or Android operating systems all have the ability to access data through a variety of methods including through a web page or a remote desktop connection. While Tablets or Smart Phones can provide this functionality, Tablets are preferred in most cases as their larger screen size makes consuming the data easier when compared to the smaller screen size on most Smart Phones.

You will also need a way to connect to the system that contains your data. In some cases this will mean connecting to the PC in your office running the required software. Most modern Windows operating systems provide Remote Desktop Services, or alternatively you can leverage the many remote desktop software applications that are available.

If you are connecting through a Wi-Fi connection within your dealership environment you likely just need the IP address of the desktop machine or server that you want to connect to. If you are trying to access from outside of you dealership network environment you may need some assistance from you IT provider to allow the necessary access through your network firewall.


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