XSELLERATOR(TM) Dealership Management Solution

Key Functionality & Services

Quorum’s DMS software product – XSELLERATOR™ – is a comprehensive dealership and customer management solution that automates, integrates and streamlines every department in a dealership. The information below provides an “at a glance” summary of some of the key features and functionality included and available within the Quorum DMS solution, organized by dealership area. Italicized grey items are optional features or services (which may require additional fees).

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  • Pricing Assurance – no future increases, no hidden charges
  • Month-to-Month Contracts – no long term commitments
  • Software Assurance – all XSELLERATOR and Microsoft Operating System updates included in the support fees
  • DMS Assurance Package – free server replacements, F&I forms, eDocuments and FlexReports
  • Unlimited storage of all transactions – system acts as an electronic filing cabinet
  • Real-time posting of all transactions – no batch processing
  • Windows-based system with full drill down to any transaction
  • Built in management reporting
  • Support for multiple facilities and franchises (Including central accounting, CRM and reporting features)
  • Embedded CRM tools to better care for your customers
  • Enter customer and vehicle information only once
  • All departments share the same information
  • The software is built as one integrated system, not as a collection of modules
  • Free Employee time clocking module
  • FlexReports – a library of basic Excel reports
  • FlexDOC – a high level financial summary of the dealership – in real-time
  • eDocuments – turn paper documents into electronic ones
  • Customer Care Package – email integration to XSELLERATOR
  • The Console desktop
  • All makes VIN translation

DISTRIBUTOR Server-Based Computing Environment

  • Centralized computing for Windows with DISTRIBUTOR hardware & network environment
  • Support for Tablet Devices (e.g. Apple iPad)
  • Lower cost
  • More secure
  • Fully automated system back-up (on and off-site)
  • Remote user access included (tablets, Internet access)
  • Additional 3rd party applications operating from the server (approved, dealer-provided software)
  • Total Security Package, including:
    • Enhanced back-up (non-system user files backed-up)
    • Disaster recovery (failover to limited function managed off-site server)
    • Internet blocking option (filtering internet access from server)
  • Network Gateway Solution (basic and advanced)
  • Security Monitoring as a Service (SMaaS)
    • Real-time Vehicle Inventory Management
  • Desking and F&I processing including side-by-side (three) scenario selling
  • Forms and contracts (up to 25 included at implementation, additional available)
  • Sales merchandising
  • Showroom and CRM
  • Dealer promotions / data mining
  • Sales task management follow-up
  • Access to credit bureaus, financial portals and full FTC compliance through CBC integration
  • (3rd party product required)




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